Fly Guy

The Fly Guy books by Tedd Arnold are a great choice for first graders who need some easier books. The bonus is that these books have hilarious story lines that kids will love. Buzz is a boy who befriends a fly whom he names Fly Guy. Buzz loves his pet, but many people don’t share his love of flies and try to swat Fly Guy with a fly swatter. The illustrations of these books are so bright and colorful and the text is great for kids to practice reading dialogue and reading for fluency/expression. Kids also love these books because they are written in short chapters. Kids get so excited when they can finally read “chapter books”.

These books are mostly level I (end of first grade level), but appeal to kindergarten through third grade kids. Check out the many, many Fly Guy books available and watch your kid laugh out loud while reading:). Enjoy!!

Hi! Fly Guy

Scholastic Reader Level 2: Super Fly Guy

Shoo, Fly Guy! (Fly Guy, No. 3)

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