Who Would Win?

The Who Would Win? nonfiction series by Jerry Pallotta is a great way to motivate your child to want to read. These books put two animals up against each other and asks who would win if these animals got into a fight. The books start by asking the reader who they think would win. Next, the author gives you facts about each animal to help you come to an educated guess about who would win. The author is very thorough in his description of each animal. There are also text features throughout the book that ask you more questions to think about or give you extra fun facts about each animal. At the end of the book, the author walks you through what would happen during an actual fight between the two animals so you can see the most likely answer to the title series question.

These books are level P (end of 3rd grade level) but appeal to 2nd-4th grade. This series is great for a reluctant reader because of the structure of the book that makes the reader feel invested in the story. The reader will want to read more to confirm their prediction. Check out all the books in this series! Happy Reading!!

Who Would Win? Lion vs. Tiger

Who Would Win? Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. Velociraptor

Tarantula vs. Scorpion (Who Would Win?)

Who Would Win? Series Complete 12 Book Set

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